Search data sheets

This feature allows you to upload your own search data sheet, on which you can specify what kind of service you are looking for and what your expectations are, so service providers can contact you and make you an offer.

Which category you can search for

  • provider (nursing home, care homes, club for seniors)
  • home care
  • home service
  • job
  • hotel, other accommodation
  • real estate for sale

It is not you who should browse between institutions and service providers but you are the one specifying what you are looking for, be it a care home, caregiver, geriatric nurse, clinic, hotel or job search, so that the service providers and institutions can see your requirements and contact you with their offers. 

Look at examples of how others are browsing: search data sheets

How to record a search form?

  • Register as a visitor on our site and click on My search datasheet  in the Profile menu and chose Create New Datasheet  option.
  • Fill in the appropriate category and fill in the form. Your search will be immediately visible to the service providers after saving.
  • Your account remains active for 30 days and after that it will not be available in the hit list. If you want to extend the search data sheet, just open the search form editor and click the Update button.
  • You can view, edit, delete the fixed search data from the Profile menu – My Search dataseets.

Who and what you can see in the search form

Anybody can browse, the search data sheet no login is required. However, contact information is visible only for providers, having subscribed and they may contact you.

Your name will not be displayed in order to prevent personal identification, so nobody can see it.

Where can be seen the searches

A list of search data is available on the search page for each service type, by clicking the Search forms link.

How many searching datasheets can you upload?

You can record one search form by category and country.

For institutions

On you can see the registered visitors looking for the same type of elderly care institution, home health care, home service, clinic, accommodation that is similar to yours. 

If you have a subscription, you can directly contact through our website those, who would like to choose your institution, service.


Have not found what you are looking for? Fill in the search form, so the service providers can see what you need.

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