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Are you a qualified nurse, caregiver, or do you have a totally different profession? You can do unlimited searches in the database of carehomenet.com absolutely free of charge, browse job advertisements of institutions providing care for elderly people, service providers, care homes, home health caregivers, clinics and hotels, regardless of your profession or residence.

How can you search for a job on our website?

As first step register as a visitor, then select your desired country in the job search section. After that you can choose your area of interest, then you will see the advertisements of care homes operated by governmental institutions, municipalities, the church or private entities, or advertisements of in-home caregivers and service providers, clinics and hotels.

If any of them have aroused your interest, you can contact the institution or service directly through our site.

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Did not find the ideal job?

Upload your own job seeker data sheet, so that institutions and service providers can find and contact you.
For this, after registering as a visitor and after login, select „My Queries” in the profile menu and select „Post a job” after „Post a new advertisement”. 
Fill in the data sheet and you appear immediately in the list of job seekers, where service providers are free to search and contact you.
You can upload several job seeker data sheets, but you can do only one per country. You uploaded search is active for 30 days which can be extended by updating the data sheet.
You can view and edit search queries by editing the profile menu under „My Queries”.

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