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Our website is one of the most dynamically expanding global databases of institutions and service providers specialising in meeting the needs of elderly people. Join us with your own page!

The benefits of your registration

  • Possibility for a detailed introduction You can provide a detailed introduction of your institution providing care for elderly people, or your home care service, clinic or accommodation.
  • We provide the best platform for your detailed introduction of your institution with detailed, personalised presentation options.
  • Other features In addition to your basic data you can specify, among other things, the care you can provide to people, suffering from what type of illness, (e.g. dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric illnesses), what other services you can provide (e.g. transportation, laundry, physiotherapy, hospice). You can specify the number of vacancies, places, whether there is free capacity, what languages are spoken by your colleagues, what financing options are available, and you can enter an informative price.
  • Specific services:
    - searchable features
    - the types of care you specialise in
    - the diseases you specialise in
    - additional services you can provide
    - number of current vacancies
    - languages spoken by colleagues
    - financing options
  • Multimedia options With photos and Youtube videos you can make your site even more colorful. You can even embed photos and videos on your personalized site.
  • Downloadable documents You can also create downloadable information materials, brochures, application forms and so on.
  • Directly contactable Interested parties can send you direct messages which can be managed via your private mailbox.
  • Unique URL Your registered site receives a unique URL which can be referred to in all kind of marketing material.
  • Multiple language versions You can upload the content of your data in up to 6 languages, so search engines from other countries can find information about your services.
  • Job advertisements You can place job advertisements and recruit valuable staff from several countries.
  • Statistics You are able to follow advanced reporting regarding your site's unique visitors, including your job advertisement.
  • Special offers Your institution can be promoted among the special offers even on the front page.
  • International referrals You can choose in which country to list in across the globe within your category.
  • Contact users You can browse for potential users who have searched for institutions/services similiar to yours.
  • News You can publish the latest information, news and events regarding your institution.

If you register now, you can use all the features of the website for free without any limitation for 90 days!

Have you found your data sheet and want to edit it?

Our database has been preliminarily, partially uploaded from publicly available sources. If you find a listing of your institution or your own service and you are the authorized representative of the service provider, you have the option to take and edit the data.

To do so, click on the link „I am the owner of this data sheet and I would like to edit it” and after registration as a service provider, the data sheet is in your possession and freely editable.

Please, note that will not be able to examine the legality of the handling and content of the data sheet. is not responsible for damages, resulting from unauthorized receipt and editing o the data sheet.

How to upload your data sheet

Registration The service provider registration can be reached by clicking on the Login link in the top menu bar. After entering your user information, confirm your registration by clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail. Three are 24 hours for activation, and then your registration is inactivated for security reasons.
You can change your user information at any time in the Profile menu - Edit profile. You can also delete your registration here.

Application of data sheet After entering, in the Profile menu select „Create data sheet”. On the page that appears, select the type of service you want to record then fill in the form with your data related to your institution, service. After saving, your data sheet will be available for the search engines. You can later change the data by clicking on the „Edit Data Sheet” menu in the profile menu.
Attention! You can register one data sheet for one user registration, new data sheet can only be applied after a new user registration.

Free trial period

Once you have finalised the data sheet of your service, a 90 days’ free trial period will start.

During the trial period you can try out the system’s services completely without any commitment, without entering your bank card information.

After the trial period has expired, if you have not subscribed to our services, in the case of an institution, your data sheet will appear with reduced content. Regarding home care, home service, your listing will be inactive, will not appear in the hit list, and certain services will not be available.

During the trial period you can start subscription at any time without losing the remaining days of the trial.

Managing subscriptions

You can start subscription by clicking on the profile menu, „Subscription” or check the expiration of your existing subscription.

  • Subscription methods You can choose from several durations (1 month, 6 months, 12 months) and you can choose the repetitive form of payment. In the latter case you do not have to pay monthly for each month.
  • For accommodations a 12 months’ subscription is available at this stage.
  • Billing information You can also subscribe as a company or as an individual. The billing information you have entered can be later changed in the profile menu – Edit Profile – on the „Billing Information” page.
  • Payment You can make payments easily and securely through either your bank card or PayPal account if you have one.
  • Transfer If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please state your intent to the following e-mail address:
  • Invoice After the payment the invoice will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • Payment transactions You can view your payment history from the profile menu – Edit Profile – view your „Payment History” page.
  • Canceling a subscription You can cancel your subscription at any time in the profile menu –„Subscription”. At the time of cancellation, your data sheet will remain available for search engines for the rest of the paid period. You can delete your profile by clicking on „Edit Profile”.

For institutions the following services are available without subscription:

  • Providing data sheet
  • Detailed description
  • Institution parameters
  • Contact details
  • Uploading a cover image
  • Uploading a document

Additional services, available through subscription:

  • Forward classification in the hit list
  • More photos (maximum 15 pieces)
  • Additional documents to be uploaded (6 in total)
  • Creating a multilingual data sheet
  • Video embedding
  • Submitting and editing of news
  • Browsing amongst searcher dataseheets
  • Posting of job vacancies
  • Direct messaging within the system
  • Visitor statistics
  • Appearance amongst featured offers
  • Appearance amongst international offers

Subscription Fees

Invitation to tender depending on the type of service and the offer.

The prices are quoted in EUR or USD, depending on the particular country, and charged in the currency of your credit card or in the chosen currency if you pay via PayPal.

Charges will be shown in EUR or USD currency, depending on the country.

Subscription fees can be viewed on the Subscription  page.

The prices shown do not include VAT or other TAX!

If you have a specific advertisement of appearance request, please contact our colleagues


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