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Carehomenet.com is an independent and free search engine for institutions and service providers focusing on the needs of elderly people. Interested parties can easily find any institution, home health service provider, healthcare institution or accommodation in any country that fits their requirements.

For those looking for an elderly care institution, home health care, home service, clinic or hospital

  • Global and completely free search engine. The Carehomenet.com is one of the fastest growing databases in the world regarding providing care for the elderly. For those, who are looking for homes for the elderly people, social homes, care center, club for the retired people or need home medical care, care, providing home services, we can offer hundreds of thousands of institutions and service providers across 70 countries to find the best one according to your expectations.
  • Detailed search. You can set multiple filters and preferences, from the price range, through spoken language to single room, or treatment of patients suffering from certain diseases (e.g. dementia, Alzheimer-disease). Advanced search significantly simplifies finding a service provider, assuring residential or home care service that meets your needs regarding all aspects.
  • Up-to-date, abundant information. We place great emphasis on providing the opportunity to institutions and service providers to present themselves with the most detailed information regarding what they offer to the elderly people. Have a look at photos, videos, downloadable documents, uploaded by them in order to get up-to-date information.

After just a few steps, you will get even more after a quick registration:

  • Direct contact. After registration, you can contact the institution which you like or service provider directly, even with more than one of them.
  • Saving your searches and requesting notifications. You can save both your search criteria and your favorite institutions and you can return to browsing later. If a new institution, service provider appears in our data base, that meets the saved searching criteria, we will notify you by e-mail.
  • Searching data sheet. In case you cannot find the ideal service provider, you can record your expectations and requirements of the Search Data Sheet, so your service providers can contact you with their offers.

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Browse conveniently and quickly at Carehomenet.com and find the perfect home for the years when you are retired!

For hotels, bed and breakfasts, private accommodation providers and other hospitality units

Do you have rooms for rent? Is the off-peak season too long? Do you want to boost the publicity of your hotel / accommodation? Do you think agents’ fees are too high?

Introduce your hotel / accommodation on carehomenet.com, one of the largest global website focusing on elderly people and elderly care.

  • More than 100 million potential customers from any part of the world,
  • No commission or other charges,
  • Easy registration, quick data sheet set up, instant appearance
  • Create your data sheet in 6 languages, share your promotional offers, select a target country for highlighted appearance, or post job advertisements

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For institutions and service providers

  • Free appearance in a global database. Anyone from any country looking for high-quality elderly care can find the best solution, be it a care home operated by the state, a municipality, the church or a private entity, or be it a club for elderly, or a service provider of home health care and nursing, a doctor, clinic or hospital providing healthcare services.
  • Self-handling data sheet. You can modify or update your service data sheet without any IT knowledge. Once you have uploaded your listing, you will be able to access your detailed service description, parameters, contact information, images, video and other data.
  • News. You can share your current events, information and news on your profile.
  • Statistics. To your subscription you will get regular statistics regarding visitors of your data sheet.
  • Posting of job vacancies. After registration you can post job vacancies on our website and recruit qualified staff easily and quickly.
  • Browsing of searches. Our subscribers have the opportunity to have direct contact with the elderly people or family members, who are looking for an institution or service.

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For job seekers

  • You can find jobs anywhere in the world. Whether you are a qualified nurse, nurse, or a person, providing care to elderly people, specialist, dealing with administration, -or perhaps managing of an institution, in the global data base of Carehomenet.com you may find your new, attractive job.
  • No intermediary fee. Browsing among job postings, searching is completely free and allowable, you only need a quick and simple visitor registration.
  • Searching data sheet. If you have not found what you are looking for, you can register a search form and those offering jobs may make you an offer.

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For property owners and investors

  • Would you like to sell your institution?
    We offer the possibility to you without brokerage fee and sales commission. After your free registration, you can upload your real state description, features, photos, videos and downloadable documents to your listing. Your advertisement will be visible to investors in any country around the world for a small fee.
  • Investing in elderly care? Are you looking for an institution for sale?
    In the offer of the global datasheet of Carehomenet.com, regarding elderly care, there is an opportunity for you to find the right real estate. You can browse among real estates for sale, you can refine the search by setting filter criteria and you can also upload search database, which allows you to specify to the owners of the properties the parameters of the property you want to buy.
  • You have a concrete idea about the site, but you are not sure, whether the planned investment is worth while? We can help you make a well founded decision, among others, with visitors’ statistics and counseling.

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